Recording Memories of Kohukohu and the Hokianga

This project which was the idea of Claire Deighton from The Tree House. If you want to know more you can email claire or email Peter Huckle or phone Claire at The Tree House. The aim of the project is to capture the memories of people who have come to live here over the years whether they are still here or have moved on.

Thank you for sharing your memories of Kohukohu. Once we have enough input, we plan to compile a document to enable future generations to know what it was like to live and work here. If you would prefer to chat to someone rather than fill in the form, let us know and we will do that.

Apart from the contact details all other information is optional.

Please forward a link to this page to anyone who might like to add their memories to the collection.

There are also some printed questionnaires at Kohukohu Library for anyone who'd prefer paper. We also have some volunteer scribes and typists who can help.

Write about your early life, things which you'd like people to know about you. Things which shaped you.
What brought you (or your ancestors) to Kohukohu?
What made you stay? If you are no longer living in Kohukohu, how long did you live there? why did you decide to leave?
How did/have you made your living here?
What do you like about Kohukohu/Hokianga?
Tell us a story which is representative of Kohukohu/ Hokianga as you see it.
Tell us your thoughts and feelings about the ferry?/ tourism?/ health of the harbour?/treaty issues?
Are there any projects that you have been involved with?
Any legacy you hope you'll leave to the environment or the community?
What are your hopes / vision for Kohukohu and the Hokianga in the future?
Do you have anything else you want to add to the above or are there any other questions you suggest we add to this questionnaire?
If you have any photos you want to include we would love to include them and of course acknowledge them to you. If you have actual photos and would like us to scan them in for you we will be happy to do that.