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Notes from Kohukohu Community Meetings Feb 16th 2018  


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Notes from Kohukohu Community Meetings posted by Pauline Evans
Feb 16th 2018
Two Community Liaison meetings were held in Kohukohu on the afternoon and evening of Friday 16th Feb. 2018. Both meetings were attended by FNDC Community Development staff (CDA’s) A. Mules and K. Ross. The meeting panui were forwarded to the Vision Kohukohu email list by Pauline Evans and posters were put up in the village.
The afternoon meeting was attended by 22 of the Kohukohu community and the evening meeting by 12 community members. Community Board member E. Davis was away and unable to attend and proffered her apologies.
The agenda (see attached) of the meeting had FNDC raising a number of items with the community, including:
• North Hokianga Dark Skies Proposal.
• Possible review of the Kohukohu Community Plan.
• More integrated planning activity for the North Hokianga Community.
• Connectivity development.
• Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.
• Use of Council RFS system.
• Issues of Community concern.
1 North Hokianga Dark Skies proposal. The basic concept of the NHDSP was outlined. This prompted a lot of discussion, mostly favourable but also a few misgivings, until it was pointed out that the FNDC CDA’s were only at the informing stage, and that no further progress would be made until all the communities of the North Hokianga had been informed and had agreed to the concept in principle and agreed to taking ‘next steps’ with a community Steering Group.
Once the wider community is in basic agreement with exploring this concept further, more information will be sought, and contact will be made with communities in the Aotea and Aorangi/Tekapo Dark Sky places. In the interim, FNDC will put this information on its website.
2 The community responded very positively to the thought of reviewing the 10-year-old Kohukohu Community Plan, and several people have already indicated a willingness to be involved. There was discussion around a broader kaupapa for the plan being needed.
3 There was general discussion around the concept of producing a series of smaller community plans for the communities and settlements of the area (Broadwood is now complete), and the need to ensure integration and overlap so that all parts of the wider community have a voice and can be part of a vision.
4 Next stages in improving cell phone transmission and connectivity were outlined and the need for extra transmission and repeater sites discussed. People with suitable elevated sites should contact Ana Mules ( ) in the first instance.
5 The intention of FNDC to include Mangamuka and Kohukohu in a second round of EV charging station locations, subject to government funding was well received.
6 The FNDC RFS system was outlined and flyers explaining how to utilise the system were distributed. Several residents spoke in support of the efficacy of the system.
Issues of community concern.
1 Many people voiced concern at the state of the road surface where Mangamuka Road meets SH 1. (Note how quickly that was resolved).
2 There was a request that Council consider having a staff member responsible for an aspect of service, set up 1 day per month in the Kohukohu Library, to meet with and discuss concerns with members of the public.
3 There was an expression of concern at a lack of integrated thinking in Council that could allow inconsistencies such as general traffic flow, tourism, bicycle riding and logging trucks to vie for the use of the same roads.
4 It was pointed out/questioned that even if we were able to have integrated and ‘joined up thinking’ around the North Hokianga with a focus on local economic development (e.g. local cafes selling local food), where does ‘logging’ fit in to all of that?
5 A question from the floor asked how long the logging trucks would be around for and if it was possible for the community to know the logging sources, destinations and schedules. It was pointed out that this information would be really useful for the tourism industry.
6 A question was raised about progress on the purchase of a suitable vessel to ply the Horeke-Kohukohu portion of the harbour. An interested party answered that one vessel looked at had proved unsuitable but the search continues.
7 One person spoke of serious Health and Safety issues they experienced in their role as an Ambulance Driver, especially regarding cell phone reception and the state of many roads.
8 It was asked if the Community Plan review would consider new topics that hadn’t been in the original plan. The community agreed there was a need for such consideration.
9 A member of the community pointed out a serious drainage issue that hadn’t been attended to. It was noted that recent concreting work had been carried out at the pensioner housing unit before drainage from the development work further up the street had been controlled, and now storm water was undermining the concrete work at the pensioner units.
10 A person asked if anything was being considered to improve the quality of water in the harbour and noted that most days this summer the water was not suitable for swimming in.
11 There was discussion about the ferry crossing of the harbour and how it was Hokianga’s equivalent of a ‘road’, but was like having a toll road in the middle of your town. It was noted there are a number of people from the Kohukohu community on the Ferry Liaison Group and that a number of factors involving the ferry operation were under review. Also noted – if the road North out of Kohukohu were to become a State Highway, then the harbour (ferry) crossing would become a State responsibility.
12 It was suggested that a North Hokianga ‘Dark Sky Reserve’ could also be seen as a ‘sanctuary’ for the stars, in much the same way that conservation areas are sanctuaries for indigenous biota.
13 It was noted that the community might gain useful information for its own ‘Heritage Precinct’ character by researching the heritage values and criteria of Arrowtown and Queenstown.
14 It was also suggested some of the lighting concerns could be referred to NZTA and the codes for ‘Lighting of Highways’.
15 In connection with the discussion around the RFS flyer, it was pointed out it would cost only $40 for copies to be delivered to every household on the Kohukohu RD1 and RD2 routes.
16 In relation to further discussion regarding the Dark Sky Proposal, it was pointed out that it was vital that the Maori community of the North Hokianga was engaged and involved “in the right way”.
17 Wally noted it would be useful to the community and to Emma herself, if Emma Davis (local Community Board representative) was included on the Vision Kohukohu email list.
18 The Bowling Club entered into an agreement with FNDC regarding the exposing of and access to, the Historic Sandstone Bridge in Kohukohu. It appears that elements of that agreement have yet to be actioned. The community wishes to see progress on this matter. (This has since been raised with Mike Colebrook


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